Britney Spears rapidly recovers from divorce and moves on, surprises everyone with closeness to former ex-convict.

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Britney Spears astounds the public once again with her social media updates, and now she has engaged in an impromptu dance wearing only her undergarments amidst the news of her developing a bond with a previous lawbreaker.

Recently, there has been widespread discussion surrounding Britney Spears in the media since reports emerged of her impending divorce from her spouse, Sam Asghari.

As if unaffected by recent events, the former pop sensation continues to share unconventional videos on social media platforms, including an instance where she danced while wearing lace lingerie and tall black leather boots.

In customary fashion, the songstress effortlessly twirled and struck poses for the camera, positioned above her, whilst enthusiastically singing the lyrics to Indila's track “S.O.S.” playing in the background.

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A mere few hours later, international news outlets revealed that Britney has formed a close relationship with an individual who possesses a lengthy criminal record and formerly worked as her domestic aide.

“Since her breakup, the Grammy-winning artist has forged a deep bond and has been spending considerable time with her former domestic aide, identified as Paul Richard Soliz,” disclosed a reliable source to Page Six.

In Calabasas, California, Britney was seen driving a white Mercedes-Benz accompanied by the enigmatic man. Prior to proceeding with their journey, they made a detour to a Starbucks drive-thru.

The magazine's source divulged that 37-year-old Soliz and Britney initially crossed paths approximately a year ago. Soliz, whose responsibilities encompassed toilet maintenance, floor sweeping, and garbage collection, was recruited to work at her residence in Thousand Oaks, California.

Insiders connected with Page Six relayed that despite Soliz receiving a termination notice from his position under Spears’ employment, she has chosen to spend time with him openly, making no attempt to conceal their burgeoning friendship.

Soliz has encountered numerous legal predicaments in the past. In December of last year, he was convicted of illegal possession of a firearm while in the singer's employment. In 2016, he faced a driving charge for operating without a license, though the accusation was subsequently dropped following his guilty plea. Furthermore, Soliz was found guilty of disturbing the peace in April 2014 and was charged with child endangerment.

It is worth recollecting that Sam Asghari filed for divorce from Britney shortly after rumors circulated regarding their marital bond being on the rocks. The allegations made cite Britney's supposed infidelity, an issue that sparked a heated argument between the two. She was observed driving near their residence in Los Angeles without her wedding ring, and images uploaded to Sam's Instagram profile suggest that he too has chosen to abandon his.

International media outlets have begun delving into the couple's personal lives, with TMZ reporting instances of alleged physical abuse by the singer towards Sam.

Source: [Page Six](source: page six)

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