New platform for facilitating financing of energy efficiency projects – E financing

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Today, at the headquarters of the Federal Government in Sarajevo, an online platform, E-application, was presented for implementing a comprehensive approach to financing energy efficiency measures.

The platform, developed under the project of USAID EPA, funded by the United States Government, aims to promote a comprehensive approach to financing energy efficiency measures in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The initial initiative involves the distribution of EU grant funds for energy efficiency measures in households, as well as in micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). The EU has allocated 12.9 million KM for households and the same amount for MSMEs.

A public call for fund allocation in 2023 will be announced soon by the Environmental Protection Fund of the Federation of B&H, on behalf of the Government of the Federation of B&H.

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Vedran Lakić, Minister of Energy, Mining, and Industry of the Federation of B&H, urged citizens and MSMEs to apply for the public call and take the first step towards a more energy-efficient future.

Lakić stated, “We anticipate that the EU support package, along with the IT system for its implementation, will enhance energy efficiency for at least 2,600 households and 264 micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.”

He expressed gratitude towards the European Union for their valuable assistance to citizens and the economy, as well as the USAID Energy Sector Assistance project for the technical development of the platform.

Lakić emphasized that energy efficiency measures not only lead to long-term cost savings but also improve the living standards of citizens and enhance the market competitiveness of MSMEs.

Ankica Gavrilović, Project Management Specialist at USAID B&H, highlighted that USAID has been supporting institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of energy efficiency for many years.

Gavrilović expressed hope for continued collaboration in the implementation of a sustainable financial mechanism that successfully integrates all energy efficiency financing programs in the housing sector and MSMEs.

“Now is the opportune time, as the new Government is formulating work programs for the future. We believe it is crucial to incorporate energy efficiency as a developmental mechanism, establish the necessary legislative framework, and enable the citizens of the Federation to reap the benefits of an energy-efficient future,” said Gavrilović.

She added that the E-application platform, in addition to the 2023 public call, can also be utilized for future programs by the Environmental Protection Fund to implement energy efficiency measures.

The E-application platform was developed by the USAID Energy Sector Assistance Project in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Fund of the Federation of B&H, with support from the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining, and Industry, according to a statement issued by the Office of the Government of the Federation of B&H for Public Relations.


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